I'm Back ...

Posted on August 07, 2016 by Alisha

I'm back ..
Yup I’m back … Excited as I slurp home made chicken soup on the sofa on a Sunday …my new official day off after near burnout …and I’m not kidding! I’ve seen a business sell, a baby born, a relocation and now another relocation in HK, a right eye nearly give up but now… #sorted! I’m no poor me, but probably 4 months of 7 days 18 hours a day has nearly taken me down…but now with all of the items above sorted and control and enjoyment and sleep coming back into my life, things are looking ….well simpler… And along with simplicity and a day off comes creativity and determination for me…! Last Sunday I purchased a bunch of domain names, and this week one of them has stood out as my customers and the ones with a lot of money have helped me decide on the next challenge and new business for this Honeybunch so I can get to that god damn necker island and or meet my idols #daymondjohn #richardbranson and enter the next #shopify #buildabiz comp. I’ve learnt so much even through I have been a seasoned self employed chick for now 24 years! Online and new technology fascinates me, actually consuming me on how cool it is to reach so many consumers from the comfort of your couch and iPad ..pretty cool.. Anyway, have to confess, I purchased my first online purchase this past weekend!!!!! A dress , ironically on a tall leggy probably will drag on the floor.. And now I find myself on the other side of the fence being the consumer impatiently waiting for it to show up… I can see why the consumer gets so impatient now! Anyway moral of the story …have a day off …enjoy the moment in business …. New dress …new creativity …new energy …watch this space…

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Morning ...

Posted on May 21, 2016 by Lisa Jolly

Well I awake, 4 am as usual and struggling to sit still whilst I check all my social media, performance of the Hong Kong and NZ stores, prepare orders for the factory and basically jump on my exciting treadmill of business for the day. The sport I call business, like a drug and at the moment I'm on a high with watching from a far whilst the cutest shop in Hong Kong has finally been discovered, Its so no accident as if you had asked me how I was last week, my thoughts and words wouldn't have been spritely! So some serious bumps in the road have been the necessary evil to get me re focused and positive on this wonderful dream of mine, nothing like your back against the way to get you back in the saddle! I'm also still smiling from ear to ear about my interview with shopify, I feel like I've made in, not in a financial way but in a content way ...hence my favourite saying 'world famous in south Auckland' ... So that's me ... In Napier with thousands of bath bombs, a pregnant daughter and a smile on my dial for a coffee !

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Balls, blogs and balance

Posted on April 14, 2016 by Lisa Jolly

With a fleeting visit to our Hong Kong shop, and a feeling of getting things done, I feel energised and hopeful that the tides are changing for me and the Honeybunch dream that I have worked so hard for. With over 30,000 bath balls sold and selling to help our crowd funding, I’m smiling with a slight sense of accomplishment as every ball sold gets me one step closer from removing the ball and chain from my bank. I took a massive risk stepping into an international market under captilised, with just a dream and a vision…but we’ve done it. I feel more and more passionate as I refocus my energy into my shops and customers shoes, and after a lot of soul searching, I can see that my ships direction maybe changing as I use the #powerofbroke to float my boat but I’m enjoying there adventure I have created and my confidence Is back, not only in me, but also shining in our beautiful honeybunch products.

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Happy chinese news year

Posted on February 12, 2016 by Lisa Jolly

Myself and the entire Honeybunch team are feeling super energetic in this year of the monkey.  A rest, and some time with family and friends is just what is needed to regenerate the mind and souls and dream up new and wonderful Honeybunch products! Love is now in the air with Valentine's Day at our feet, so this Honeybunch really loves selling to customers that you know are in love not only with their better half, but also the Honeybunch brand.  Happy new year all, may 2016 be full of love and success!

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Exciting times

Posted on January 09, 2016 by Lisa Jolly

I have had some time in New Zealand creating and developing ideas, working in the New Zealand shop and just getting my feet back on the ground with family and business.

I seem to be offered wonderful opportunities of late, and now find myself heading to Nansha to open in a prestigious in a brand new onfline to online business...we are super nervous, excited and also bewildered how this has happened...But on quite reflection I realise that our products are wonderful, beautiful and we pair it with a wonderful personality. Rock on #honeybunch!  Exciting times ahead, and many stories to tell!

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A Sunday moment

Posted on December 13, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

I seem to be having a few moments lately... Possibly mid life moments... I have established a Hong Kong lifestyle where the day just flies by in a moment ...which is a little hard to get used to do when there is so much to do!  

It has given me an insight into why the Honeybunch products are being well received, I think people need a moment to indulge, have some peace and enjoy some natural I'm not sure when people stop here to steal moments here in this face paced energetic city.So on reflection, I'm feeling quietly calm, and peaceful, happy that I've achieved the goal of opening here, passing on some of my style and products to both consumer and staff, so #DavidSpeirs you will have your moment tomorrow, but you will never have my moment. Actually #davidspeirs THANKYOU for showing me what not to be.  I know you enjoy stalking me, so only fair to give you a mention... 

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Open ...

Posted on November 22, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

It's been a blur ..actually I've nearly been in Hong Kong for a while now, and with the doors open, it's time to take a rest and let the Honeybunch team take control for the next week whilst I catch up on some sleep, celebrate some family birthdays and work behind the seen to get everything online organised.  

Im excited and nervous to see how the crew go, as I'm so fussy about ensuring my customers understand our beautiful product and that the store is kept beautifully kaotic with clarity..  This is a challenge I have recognised as I see things so differently than most... Anyway,  feeling proud, I did this, ticked off my list and now to make Honeybunch household name in Hong Kong .... 

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