A Sunday moment

Posted on December 13, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

I seem to be having a few moments lately... Possibly mid life moments... I have established a Hong Kong lifestyle where the day just flies by in a moment ...which is a little hard to get used to do when there is so much to do!  

It has given me an insight into why the Honeybunch products are being well received, I think people need a moment to indulge, have some peace and enjoy some natural wellbeing....as I'm not sure when people stop here to steal moments here in this face paced energetic city.So on reflection, I'm feeling quietly calm, and peaceful, happy that I've achieved the goal of opening here, passing on some of my style and products to both consumer and staff, so #DavidSpeirs you will have your moment tomorrow, but you will never have my moment. Actually #davidspeirs THANKYOU for showing me what not to be.  I know you enjoy stalking me, so only fair to give you a mention... 

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