Counting down ...

Posted on November 02, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

It's has been a while since I have written, along with a whirlwind of events and emotions. Starting up in your own part of town is challenging enough ...but add a foreign fast past land, with bouts of self doubt and you get time flying past, and your mind playing tricks on you.   I should be feeling super positive as actually things are going well, but once again I'm selling before Im set up properly by default ..., something which is great for confidence, but not so great when you are working around wet paint, and partially completed shop fittings., The shop is definitely going to pop in this busy Hiong Kong jungle, and I can see how cool it will look now...self decorating and set up is actually one of the things I love ...and here, as I swing off the ladder in an un lady like fashion, I have almost become like a circus freak show event for the street my shop is in.. I've had so many local people, especially elderly folk question with admiration on how I could be so brave to do my own decorations, ....something not seen here with multi million dollar fit outs in every second store... But ..hey ...I'm Honeybunch .... Honeybunch handmade ...and as I carve soap signs, paint walls, create shelves out of soap ..I'm thinking my fit out if looking like a million dollars too! 

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Off she goes ...

Posted on October 14, 2015 by Bold Apps

With a fleeting visit from my daughter heading home from the UK, and a whirlwind of me converting myself back into Mother mode from being entrenched in startup Hong Kong mode ...I'm thinking that a glass of wine tonight downstairs (free thank goodness) and a quite moment to regroup is just what the doctor ordered.

It's been a massive day with the offical signing of the lease, some new business cards printed with my new HK phone number and my first job interview with potential team members ... But all in all, I'm feeling somewhat calm, cool and collected, as now that I have made the commitment to the shop officially, then I know that with my back against the wall, I will do my best and I always do my best once committed on a piece of paper.

I'm also getting great pleasure from offering other small newbys like me some mentoring, it's weird, this journey has always had a clear end goal in mind for me, it being that I publish my book, whilst sitting on a beach somewhere, and actually, hopefully inspiring others to give it a go, have some self belief and actually do what they want to...what makes them happy ... And the irony is, that through my many business experiences both awful and positive, people from all over the place are starting to message me for advice ... I feel like OMG me ..really ...mso feeling pretty blessed right now to be considered worthy of some advice.

Anyway, just before my daughter left she asked me why I had all of this soap/product sitting laid out in my hotel room ... My answer 'because I love it ...look how cool it is' .... That is why this Honeybunch is here right now ...hopefully others will love it too! 


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Friday night and it's going to be alright...

Posted on October 09, 2015 by Bold Apps

A quite moment in Hong Kong is far and few between, and sometimes hard to find, but after a busy day unpacking my stock at the warehouse ... Acting like a kid at a candy store.. (Yes, I still get excited seeing our product).. And thinking OMG how am I going to fit all of this beautiful product in a tiny little Hong Kong shop ...I thought a quite moment was completely necessary, and worthy after a frantic week.

So here I am, stealing that moment, and trying not to overthink the massive decisions and risks I have made and committed to this week.  I'm excited, scared, happy, energised and sweaty ...yup ...sweaty in Hong Kong ...surprise surprise on that note I'm going to take a relaxing lavender shower (honeybunch product of course) and try and get some well earned peace ....night x o 

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Need an umbrella ....

Posted on October 04, 2015 by Bold Apps

Well, there seems to a mini typhoon sweeping through Hong Kong, which means I'm window watching from my room, and working hard on the website, trying to get my first Hong Kong online sales!  It's a lot harder than I have experienced before, but I'm remaining super positive, and as I load photos online, I realise how cool our product is.  

So not only needing an umbrella for outside, part of me feels like I also need an umbrella to shelter me from all of the risks, expenses and a touch of lonliness that I'm experiencing being in this beautiful city. 

Anyway, a lot to do, I'm slightly in limbo, but a meeting with the realestate agent tomorrow and getting stuck into a busy week should sort this Honeybunch out 

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Trip to NZ!

Posted on October 02, 2015 by Bold Apps

I have had a busy few days, enjoying the national day in HK, today to the opening of the Mainfreight new warehouse which was very cool, not only because it's impressive, but also because it's such a great NZ company, started by one person, I gain inspiration from this ...hoping I can have some great success too. Anyway, I'm remaining positive, and have decided to create a competition to send some one lucky in Hong Kong to New Zealand hope to show them some of beautiful New Zealand , and secondly to hopefully get my first HK online Sale!

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Looking forward to unpacking ....

Posted on September 30, 2015 by Bold Apps

I'm in Melbourne....that's the long way to Hong Kong, but regardless of my long journey, I'm enjoying a fresh orange juice and getting excited again about reuniting with my stock!  It seems ages since it left...the joys of shipping from New Zealand to Hong Kong... Flying or sea takes a wee while.

I can't wait to get product loaded, such as natural wellbeing treats and creative handmade pamper packs ready to show my new home for the next wholes ...Hong Kong... Probably one of the most vibrant, positive cities in my books in the World!

I'm also excited about making new friends, whilst sharing my Hong Kong experiences with my awesome Nee Zealand team and friends... Nervous about finding staff, but happy for the challenge.

I'm just about to sign up again for the #buildabiz comp ...out of 42000 entrants I made the top 100 ... And actually, although I really was looking for a win, I have to say that on reflection that the challenge and community I engaged with, was worth every long friends.... Lisa x o 



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Let the journey begin .....

Posted on May 12, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Ok, I'm nervous, excited but ready to give it my all .... Off to Hong Kong Wednesday morning ..... Looking forward to showing the people of Hong Kong my beautiful natural handmade products.

Webiste live today ekkkkkkk..... And lots of work to do but super looking forward to the challenge.  Challenges like finding the flower market in HK, finding a shop ...and working out online... Bring it ...I'm ready! Let's do this!!!

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