‘Leave’ your stress behind lavender pudding pack

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套裝包括 ~
1 x 大豆蠟小蠟燭
1 x 玫瑰油肥皂
5 x 薰衣草肥皂
1 x 薰衣草泡泡浴入浴劑 (可用作空氣清新劑)
100% 紐西蘭人手製造。

‘Leave’ your stress at the door relax lavender pudding pack.
Bundled together naturally and garnished with a everylasting leaf, the natural@netting wrap will allow the beautiful relaxing scents to fill any room. Lavender is fabulous for relaxation and promoting sleep. This pudding pack also makes the great Christmas treat.
This pack includes
1 x votive candle
1 x rose oil soap
5 x assorted lavender soaps
1 x sachet of lavender comb foam perfect for a big bubble soak or a room freshener.
Proudly made in New Zealand with coconut oil, goats milk, Manuka honey and natural ingredients.

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