Get ‘lit’ soy lotion candle trio

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🔥🔥🔥 3 x 大豆潤膚蠟燭!
⚡️只售 $388HKD!!!!!
(平時$288 一樽㗎!!) 係我哋嘅王牌產品

🐝全天然大豆蠟製造嘅蠟燭,宜人嘅香氣令你身心放鬆!100% 全人手製造。 大豆蠟及可可脂等原材料來至紐西蘭,我哋全部產品都係紐西蘭奧克蘭全人手製作。 每瓶蠟燭都可燃燒40小時。 吹息蠟燭後的溶液可用作潤膚膏。 每瓶蠟燭重430克。 

💃Let’s get ‘lit’ soy lotion trio!
🔥Time to turn up the heat with Honeybunch!!!
🔥🔥🔥 3 x soy lotion candles!

1 x calm vanilla

1 x indulge raspberry 

1 x relax lavender 

🐝These candles will replenish your mind, body and soul. This hand poured candle, made with pure New Zealand Soy lotion wax, and is enchanced with cocoa butter, has a burn time of around 40 hours. It's simple ....light the candle ...enjoy the fragrance and dip a spoon or your fingers in and use the warm melted lotion wax for an ingulegent massage tool, or simply give your skin the ultimate treat! Candle weighs approximately 430 grams when packed. Handmade in New Zealand.

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